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Our VPS company offers reliable virtual servers hosted only on specialized equipment with a high degree of security. You can be sure that you are purchasing a quality virtual server hosting with a lofty return rate.

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Сube Host provides VPS hosting services from basic Linux and Windows systems to ready-made solutions.









  • Virtual private server
  • Configured VPS servers for mail, crm, monitoring, inventory and more
  • Cloud Storage and File Storage by NextСloud
  • Required software licenses

Verified VPS Hosting Provider

Our VPS company offers reliable virtual servers hosted only on specialized equipment with a high degree of security. You can be sure that you are purchasing a quality virtual server hosting with a lofty return rate. Our team pays special attention to the function of protecting all information from unauthorized access. All clients’ data is located on our personal servers protected from external intrusions.

The following options are available to you:

  • Virtual private server.
  • Configured VPS servers for mail, crm, monitoring, inventory and more.
  • Cloud Storage and File Storage by NextСloud.
  • Required software licenses.

We provide each client with modern features of a dedicated server with maximum efficiency. Our company is one of the best VPS providers who have created a unique platform to help users get more options to work with their websites. Contact us if you need more detailed information to buy our product.

Why Our VPS Hosting?

We supply cheap VPS server with excellent features because we respect your Internet projects and do our best to develop them. Virtual Private Server management allows you to resettle databases of IP addresses, names of domains, move business apps, and other site items. Troubleshoot, administer, and make fine-grained adjustments. Having received all these advantages, you will understand that our VPS server price is fully justified by its wide possibilities.

Contact our experts to order the best VPS hosting. We will discuss in detail terms of cooperation so that you can be sure of its safety. You may purchase cheap VPS hosting in just a couple of clicks. Our VPS hosting — a great decision that gives you 3-way storage space (NVMe) on the VPS portal cloud for large and small websites across different business areas. It is much faster and better than getting a VDS on physical equipment (hardware). Virtual type increases your bandwidth especially in the process of development and growth of your Internet project.

  • 24 hours a day support
  • Customized approach
  • Integrated business tools
  • Security and reliability

Purchase Fully Updated VPS

We guarantee that this private virtual server hosting will give you full inspection of your server. You could use various features to enable console view, make restart, reboot, and gain full root admission to all web-hosting check panels as a server administrator. It also gives you the opportunity to change the OS, firewall, and so on.

Forget limitations and downtime. Our provider offers constant availability of an allotted server on cloud spaces. You receive a prompt and reliable network with high-end hardware processors. Deploy your own managed VPS in minutes with our cloud portal. Choose the best VPS for any operating system (Linux, Windows, Cloud, etc.)

Questions and answers

A VPS, which stands for Virtual Private Server, is a server that exists virtually within a larger physical server.

It is a widely adopted hosting solution that grants users access to a dedicated portion of the server’s resources, including CPU, RAM, and storage, all while sharing the underlying hardware with other VPS instances.

This virtualization technology empowers users with greater autonomy and flexibility over their hosting environment compared to traditional shared hosting. Consequently, VPS hosting proves versatile, catering to a broad spectrum of use cases, whether for hosting websites and applications or running customized software or services.

VPS hosting strikes a balance between cost-effectiveness and performance, allowing users to operate their own operating systems and software configurations while benefiting from the cost-sharing advantages of a shared physical server.

VPS (Virtual Private Server), dedicated hosting, and shared hosting are three distinct web hosting solutions.

Shared hosting involves multiple websites sharing a common server and its resources. While it’s cost-effective, it typically offers limited customization and may not handle high traffic well, making it a good fit for smaller websites with modest resource requirements.

VPS hosting provides users with a dedicated portion of a virtual server. This option offers a balance between cost-effectiveness and performance, giving users greater control and customization compared to shared hosting. It’s an excellent choice for medium-sized websites, online applications, and businesses that need more power and flexibility.

Dedicated hosting, on the other hand, offers an entire physical server exclusively for one user. This hosting type delivers the highest level of control, security, and performance. It’s best suited for large websites and enterprises with high resource demands.

In summary, shared hosting is the most budget-friendly but comes with limitations. VPS hosting strikes a balance between cost and performance, while dedicated hosting provides the ultimate in control and power, albeit at a higher cost. The choice between them depends on your website’s specific needs and your budget.

  1. Enhanced Performance: VPS offers dedicated resources, resulting in better website performance and faster loading times.

  2. Scalability: VPS plans can be easily scaled up or down to accommodate changing website needs.

  3. Improved Security: VPS environments are isolated, reducing security risks associated with shared hosting.

  4. Customization: Users can configure their VPS with specific software and settings to meet their requirements.

  5. Cost-Effective: VPS strikes a balance between performance and cost, making it a cost-effective hosting solution for many websites.

You can use a VPS server for various purposes, including hosting websites and applications, running specific software or services, setting up game servers, storing and managing data, and testing development environments. VPS provides a versatile platform for a wide range of online projects.

Select the service you need and place your order in your personal account.
If you choose, ask a question in chat or email. We will help you choose a service specifically for your task.

Contact our experts to order the best VPS hosting

We will discuss in detail terms of cooperation so that you can be sure of its safety. You may purchase cheap VPS hosting in just a couple of clicks. Our VPS hosting — a great decision that gives you 3-way storage space (NVMe) on the VPS portal cloud for large and small websites across different business areas. It is much faster and better than getting a VDS on physical equipment (hardware). Virtual type increases your bandwidth especially in the process of development and growth of your Internet project.


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VPS hosting is simply magical! I've never had such a reliable and flexible platform for my projects. It allows me to scale resources in real-time and provides high performance. I'm thrilled!
Liam Johnson
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The experience with VPS hosting has been excellent. The management and setup were easy and intuitive, and the server's speed and reliability simply amazed me. Now my web applications run much faster and more consistently.
Lukas Fischer
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VPS hosting is the perfect solution for my business! I gained full control over my resources without having to share them with other users. This gave me the freedom to choose and maximum flexibility to grow my online presence. A true find!
Eva Wagner
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I can't imagine my online life without VPN VDS. It provides me with reliable encryption to safeguard my data from cyber threats and unauthorized access. Thanks to VPN VDS, I can confidently use public Wi-Fi networks and ensure the privacy of my internet connection.