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VPS Windows from Secure Hosting Provider

You’ve realized it’s time to use a VPS Windows? This is the right decision because VPS Windows is uncompromising power for any task. VPS Windows is a hosting service that provides a so-called virtual private server.  Windows VPS works in a virtual space based on Microsoft OS, including VPS Windows 10. This tool allows you to configure the OS, as well as select programs and services that will run on the server.

Why you need Windows VPS

  • Host any web services.
  • Can be used for trading on the Forex exchange.
  • Using a remote workplace (rdp vps).
  • That is, all data on the server will be available from absolutely any PC connected to the network.
  • Host remote database servers.

Advantages of VPS Windows    

  • On a VPS Windows server, the owner gets administration options, including adding and deleting new users, editing their rights, adjusting the system and changing Firewall rules, as well as installing and working with the necessary software.
  • Cheap Windows VPS – we offer our customers reasonable prices for win wps.
  • Wide range of locations.
  • Round-the-clock supply of system resources.
  • VNC access.
  • Windows hosting is chosen by both large companies and owners of small projects. The server is convenient and reliable, has a high level of security.

Today, Windows hosting is actively developing, various programs are regularly introduced to test server configurations. Also, great attention is paid to the development of various loyalty programs for regular customers. Our provider offers you to set up a VPS Windows server at an affordable price.


Quick FAQ

Questions and answers VPS Windows

Yes. You are given root access to any VPS with Linux installed. You can also enable VNC access, reboot, reinstall the operating system from your account.

We are happy to help you transfer your content to our virtual server so you can get started as soon as possible. We help all new customers move their app sites from other providers.

The only way to increase disk space and RAM is to move to a new tariff. Create a request and our experts will help you to move to a new tariff.

Backup is not included in the terms of use of this service. The responsibility for performing the backup lies with the client (service user). If the client does not have the possibility to make a backup on his own, he can order this service in our data center for an additional fee.

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