France VPS Hosting

Benefits of renting a VPS server in France:

  • Fast Internet
  • Data protection
  • Geographic Proximity
  • Technical support

Pricing VPS plans

VPS Linux

VPS hosting with KVM virtualization

VPS Windows

VPS Windows KVM Virtualization


Private VPN tunnel. 20 locations.

VPS NextCloud

Personal Cloud Storage and File-Sharing

VPS Mikrotik

VPS Mikrotik Cloud Hosted Router. 20 locations


A personal email server is a reliable corporate solution

If you have a small project targeting European customers, using a VPS server in France can be a beneficial choice. It enables you to position your business in close proximity to your clients and partners, particularly if you operate in Western Europe. Our data centers in France are directly connected to the primary Internet channels, ensuring efficient information transfer with minimal delays. This means you can provide a smooth online experience to your users.

Benefits of renting a VPS server in France (Gravelines)

  • Geographic Proximity: If your target audience is in Europe or France, renting a cheap VPS server in that country can provide low latency and fast access to your website or application.
  • Fast Internet: France has a developed network infrastructure and wide access to high speed Internet, which can provide a stable and fast connection to your server.
  • Data protection. France has strict data protection rules and laws, which can be important if you are dealing with sensitive information or users’ personal data. Your server will be located in a country with high data security standards.
  • Technical support: In France, there are qualified specialists and companies that provide technical support services for VPS servers. This can be helpful if you run into problems or need help setting up and managing your server.
  • Variety of plans and options: A variety of VPS hosting providers are available in France, giving you the freedom to choose the right plan and options to suit your needs and budget.

However, when choosing to rent the best VPS server in France, you should also take into account factors such as price, provider reliability, guaranteed server uptime and availability of necessary resources.

Best VPS Server Options in France

We offer rental of different types of servers for the stable operation of your websites.

Among them:

  • vps linux
  • vps windows
  • rent vps for vpn
  • zimbra email
  • vps nextcloud
  • vps mikrotik
  • vps 1s

Cheap VPS in France (virtual private server) can be useful for different categories of users. Web developers, entrepreneurs, system administrators, and so on should pay attention to the possibility of renting VPS hosting. VPS provides a flexible and customizable environment for hosting websites and applications. Tenants can have full control over the server and customize it to meet the needs of their projects.

A VPS can be useful for hosting corporate websites, email, databases, and other applications. It provides a high level of security and customization flexibility, which can be important for businesses. The best VPS provides full access to the server, which allows system administrators to manage and configure the server environment, including installing additional software, configuring security, and monitoring resources. VPS can be used to host personal websites, game servers, virtual workstations and other personal projects. Users get more flexibility and control over their server.


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VPS hosting is simply magical! I've never had such a reliable and flexible platform for my projects. It allows me to scale resources in real-time and provides high performance. I'm thrilled!
Liam Johnson
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The experience with VPS hosting has been excellent. The management and setup were easy and intuitive, and the server's speed and reliability simply amazed me. Now my web applications run much faster and more consistently.
Lukas Fischer
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VPS hosting is the perfect solution for my business! I gained full control over my resources without having to share them with other users. This gave me the freedom to choose and maximum flexibility to grow my online presence. A true find!
Eva Wagner
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I can't imagine my online life without VPN VDS. It provides me with reliable encryption to safeguard my data from cyber threats and unauthorized access. Thanks to VPN VDS, I can confidently use public Wi-Fi networks and ensure the privacy of my internet connection.