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VPS MikroTik from Reliable Hosting Provider

MikroTik Cloud Hosted Router (CHR) is network router with full set of functions that has been designed specifically to operate in virtual surroundings. VPS MikroTik achieved its popularity thanks to RouterOS. CHR is a special version of Mikrotik RouterOS, which is designed to be deployed in cloud infrastructure as an operating system for virtual machines, but can also be deployed on real hardware.

Why you require buying VPS MikroTik CHR

  • Reasonable price from our hosting provider – cheaper than at many competitors. In general, in the ratio of inexpensive price, Mikrotik virtual server has no competitors.
  • Highly reliable and stable performance.
  • Update, documentation: for detailed information about any update, go to the official Wikipedia website of MikroTik CHR where all firmware are hosted
  • RouterOS is used everywhere. Which allows access to quick change of equipment, recovery to another hardware, as well as transfer (or just an offer in the form of advice) to other users.
  • Virtualization: ability to raise RouterOS on x86 (both on a really powerful piece of hardware and in Hyper-v). And thanks to configuration portability, you can deploy VPS Mikrotik CHR anywhere.
  • Useful features: The Dude (own monitoring system), ability to measure speed between two Mikrotiks, HotSpot, good shaper and a lot of external billing.
  • Provider offers locations on almost all continents.

VPS MikroTik CHR benefits for you

  • Democratic value – hosting provider offers a cheap price.
  • Impressive functionality. If the price of MikroTik VPS server is on par with budget counterparts, then in terms of capabilities this equipment is not inferior to the market leaders.
  • Stable work. Proper tuning of MikroTik CRL is a guarantee that equipment will work reliably for a long time.
  • Flexible OS.
  • Scalability. As needs change, VPS MikroTik CRL can easily be replaced or supplemented with the required number of new routers. It is suitable for businesses of all sizes, regardless of the field of activity.
  • Optimized virtual network environment – the Dude is responsible for this.

VPS Mikrotik is excellent inexpensive equipment that is already successfully coping with the tasks of virtual space. Our provider will help you set up MikroTik VPS server.