VPS Hosting in Finland

Hosting services in Finland:

  • Safety VPS servers
  • Reliability of virtual servers
  • Affordable price VPS hosting

Pricing VPS plans

VPS Linux

VPS hosting with KVM virtualization

VPS Windows

VPS Windows KVM Virtualization


Private VPN tunnel. 20 locations.

VPS NextCloud

Personal Cloud Storage and File-Sharing

VPS Mikrotik

VPS Mikrotik Cloud Hosted Router. 20 locations


A personal email server is a reliable corporate solution

Finnish data centers are considered among the best among European countries. The largest IT centers are concentrated in Finland, so renting an inexpensive VPS/VDS server is in great demand here. Reliable data transmission channels ensure the stability of any projects, sites, online stores. Developed IT infrastructure makes VPS/VDS rental an excellent choice for website hosting.

Benefits of a VPS/VDS Server

Virtual VPS/VDS Server is an analogue of a dedicated server, which is preferred by the owners of Internet projects when there are not enough reserves of regular hosting. For example, you may notice that the page time has increased or the site is often unavailable. The main reason for such problems lies in the fact that hosting cannot cope with the load, a more productive system is needed. The capabilities and flexibility of the VDS/VPS Server will be enough to implement tasks of any complexity.

Some clients rent a server due to project security requirements. Renting a VDS/VPS server in Finland guarantees that no one will access your data from someone else’s server.

Why rent a VPS in Helsinki, Finland

Renting low-cost VPS servers in Finland gives website owners a number of advantages:

  • Safety. Finland is a country with a high level of data protection. This guarantees the security of information hosted on the VPS.
  • Reliability. Finnish data centers ensure uninterrupted operation of VPS. This is achieved through the use of redundant equipment and power generation systems.
  • Large selection of tariff plans. Hosting companies in Finland offer a wide range of cheap tariff plans, which allows you to choose the best option for any project.
  • Affordable price. The cost of VPS hosting in Finland is comparable to the cost of VPS hosting in other European countries.

Our company rents out the best servers in Finland. This service is especially in demand by owners of network projects, websites and IT organizations. By renting a VDS/VPS Server, you get the services of a virtual server, but at the same time you save a lot on the purchase and maintenance of network equipment.

To start working with VDS / VPS, you need to decide on a tariff plan or select the necessary resources using the configurator. In addition to the basic settings, you can include additional services in the order.


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VPS hosting is simply magical! I've never had such a reliable and flexible platform for my projects. It allows me to scale resources in real-time and provides high performance. I'm thrilled!
Liam Johnson
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The experience with VPS hosting has been excellent. The management and setup were easy and intuitive, and the server's speed and reliability simply amazed me. Now my web applications run much faster and more consistently.
Lukas Fischer
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VPS hosting is the perfect solution for my business! I gained full control over my resources without having to share them with other users. This gave me the freedom to choose and maximum flexibility to grow my online presence. A true find!
Eva Wagner
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I can't imagine my online life without VPN VDS. It provides me with reliable encryption to safeguard my data from cyber threats and unauthorized access. Thanks to VPN VDS, I can confidently use public Wi-Fi networks and ensure the privacy of my internet connection.