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NextCloud VPS locations

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    Worldwide Locations
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    Remote full  access to manage VPS
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    VPS configured for the selected service
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    Guarantee 100% dedicated resources per VPS
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    24 hours a day support

VPS Nextcloud/Owncloud from Reliable Hosting Provider

Nextcloud vs OwnCloud – which is the better? Let’s compare these two most popular virtual cloud services. These services were launched by almost the same developers, but Nextcloud VPS appeared later as an offshoot of OwnCloud VPS, while OwnCloud VPS also continues to function actively in virtual space. In general, these are two equal solutions with the same key functionality. The difference is in the additional features. Both programs are platforms that allow to manage and share files, but after installing the plugins, they begin to resemble a miniature OS. Reliable hosting provider offer these services at an affordable price. Hosting provider offers locations in many countries on different continents

VPS Nextcloud

Nextcloud VPS and OwnCloud VPS: what's in common

  • Similar user interface.
  • Collaboration features – in fact, they are largely identical. The functions of cooperation are essentially similar in many respects. Users can manage the tasks they need, work with files, use the calendar and perform many other key collaboration activities with both Nextcloud hosting and OwnCloud hosting.
  • Independent dedicated hosting. Any of them (Nextcloud VPS and OwnCloud VPS) can be hosted on a private virtual cloud server without choosing corporate services.
  • Cross-platform support.
  • VPS cloud hosting helps you 24/7.

Nextcloud VPS vs OwnCloud VPS: how they differ

  • Differences in licenses.
  • Exclusive Features.
  • Tariff policy (Nextcloud is cheaper overall).
  • Availability of expanding functionality.
  • OwnCloud is suitable for companies that work with confidential information or in special mode of information confidentiality in such industries as finance, healthcare and others.
  • Nextcloud is suitable for companies of any size and scale, working in sectors of health care, education, construction, retail trade, etc., for all categories of users who need reliable tool for exchanging data and files. This hosting is cheaper.

Nextcloud and OwnCloud providers give services based on cloud computing using virtual assets such as servers, storage systems, etc. Thanks to such cloud technologies, consumers do not need to purchase special equipment and hire workers for configuration and maintenance, which means that the service becomes cheaper.

Nextcloud hosting provider

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We will discuss in detail terms of cooperation so that you can be sure of its safety. You may purchase cheap VPS hosting in just a couple of clicks. Our VPS hosting — a great decision that gives you 3-way storage space (NVMe) on the VPS portal cloud for large and small websites across different business areas. It is much faster and better than getting a VDS on physical equipment (hardware). Virtual type increases your bandwidth especially in the process of development and growth of your Internet project.