Website and E-Commerce: Best Practices

As the world becomes more digital, many companies are going online to reach more audiences. One popular type of website is e-commerce. This is a website where customers can view products and buy them. Your e-commerce website is your space to showcase your brand and connect with your customers. Your website makes the first impression on your customers. It should be attractive, flawless and easy to use. You can only do this if you carefully craft and design your website.

Optimize your checkout process

You can spend a lot of time to get a credit of trust from the client. You can spend a lot of resources to attract users to the service. But all this is meaningless with careless checkout customization.

All in one. The ideal alignment is the ability to go through all the stages of the purchase on one page. If this is not possible, simplify the transitions. The more time a customer spends searching for a button, the faster they lose the desire to buy.

Useful description. Regardless of the product, there should always be a high-quality and up-to-date description. Don’t waste time on eloquence. E-commerce is the case when dry but accurate facts are needed. Materials, size, key characteristics, production approaches and other similar information will be useful to the buyer. So he can understand exactly what he pays for.

Show shipping cost. The customer does not like to find out about the huge shipping costs at the end of the checkout. Do not play with this buyer emotion and show the appropriate amount at the beginning of the checkout.

In addition to the cost data, it is immediately necessary to give an idea of when the goods will arrive or any other delivery details that you need to know about.

Tell us about the forms of payment. Imagine that you have already chosen a product, indicated contact details and information for delivery, are ready to pay, but cannot for one reason only. The store simply does not allow you to pay in the way that is available to you.

How do you like this user experience? It is highly likely that you will tell your friends about it or leave a comment. The reputation of such a store will immediately fall.

Therefore, give clear information about payment methods even before choosing a product. If none of them suits the client, then in any case you will not convert him into a real buyer. But with this approach, provide it with a useful user experience and not get negative feedback.

Do these approaches seem obvious to you? Browse at least 10 different e-commerce sites. About 60% do not comply with these requirements. That is why they did not become the most successful in their niche.

Site updates

It’s very simple: the older the site, the more it looks like spam. Moreover, the element of admiration is lost and the client wants to experience something new. At first, it will simply visit other services several times. Over time, you will lose a customer.

In this case, it’s not about user experience. After all, it can be provided by various services. Everything rests on the interface.

Design trends are constantly changing and need to be followed. If the site does not correspond to what is now popular, the client simply will not feel comfortable. He doesn’t want anything different from his daily life.

Therefore, work with the site and bring freshness to it. Let the buyer see that you care not only about the quality of the goods and the speed of sales, but also about emotions. By updating the site, you will update the “Wow effect”. As you know, it plays a very important role in marketing effectiveness.

Content Marketing

An online store should regularly consider starting a blog. For what? This is one of the few ways to constantly communicate with customers on various topics. This is an opportunity to increase activity on the site. Accordingly, this is the way to higher positions in search engines.

If you’re out of content ideas, check out how other E-commerce sites are doing it. What can you write about, what information is interesting? If you previously had a dedicated blog, integrate it into your online store.

Don’t forget that there are many other types of content marketing besides blogging:

  • launching a podcast to share experience and develop the community
  • creation of guest posts on other sites and relevant blogs
  • providing links in articles on information portals

Content marketing is one of the best ways to become a viral project in the head of a potential buyer and the search engine at the same time.

Use of social networks

When talking about the best practices of E-commerce marketing, one cannot ignore social networks. It is one of the most cost-effective advertising platforms today. If you already have accounts on the main social networks, you have already taken the first step. But in today’s competitive market, having accounts and interesting posts is no longer enough. You need to create a marketing campaign.

Facebook is a good starting point. You will be able to target the most appropriate target audience and link to specific pages of your site. One of the best practices for using Facebook as an advertising platform is to create landing pages for your online store.

It is important to understand that the home page or, for example, the “About us” section are not targeted. It is best to create a landing page for the product you are promoting. It is very important to make sure that the ad and the landing page match. This means that they should have similar information and a consistent look.

You can also include video in your ads. As you know, videos are one of the best types of content to grab the attention of customers today. If you show a potential buyer a short video about the value of a product, you can quickly and effectively state your point of view. It is much faster and more informative than text or pictures.

It is best to show through the video exactly how the product works. This will cut off most of the questions from a potential buyer, which means it will bring him closer to placing an order.


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