How to choose a domain name for your website and why it matters

A domain name is the first building block for building a business. The selected website address will become the name that will follow the company from the first day of life in the virtual space. What to do to choose the right domain name? 

What factors to consider? 

A domain name is an aspect that underlies the development of a brand. This is the “virtual identity” of the company, which is important to create and nurture throughout the life of the company. Many people undeservedly ignore such an element of the site address as a domain zone or top-level domain. 

With over 1,200 options to choose from, it would be foolish not to take advantage of that and find the right top-level domain. Each time you enter a name in a domain registrar’s search bar, you can choose which top-level domains you want to check. When making this choice, think about the long-term development prospects.

Since the founding of the Internet, billions of websites have been registered, and the number is growing every day. New companies and your direct competitors appear in the world, so you should think about what website address will attract new customers, you need to stand out from the crowd.

What is important to know about domains

A well-chosen resource name increases its recognition — simple and catchy domains are easy to remember. In addition, according to search algorithms, domains with simpler names are ranked higher in the search results (taking into account relevance to the query topic).

The domain name and domain zone are important for SEO because the company name and relevant keywords in the domain automatically increase its ranking in search engines for the target topic. In addition, the domain zone has a local link, that is, the ru zone for Internet users from Russia will always rank higher than the ua zone. There are exceptions – common areas.

In the future, changing the domain will be a big problem, because all site positions are tied to the domain. The domain grows in positions in directories, the domain gets higher ticking over time. Changing the domain leads to the loss of all positions. This is a risky step, so it’s more profitable to immediately choose a domain that meets the SEO parameters as much as possible.

How to choose a domain

Need an easy to understand address. The user must have an idea which site will get to, from the domain name itself. A balance is important between the amount of information and the usability of the address.

It is best to use your brand name directly in the domain. However, this is not always possible, especially in older domain zones like .com. Most of the beautiful and short words have long been registered there. If the domain is taken, you can try to buy it. Domain owners don’t always charge sky-high prices.

It is believed that the shorter the domain name, the better. Short domains look solid and are well remembered. However, short and beautiful names are usually already taken – you will have to spend a lot of money.

Don’t Forget Search Engine Optimization

The search engine optimization process takes a lot of time. The main role in the process of search engine optimization is played by the text that is used to form backlinks to the site. When such text matches the site address, search engines perceive it, increasing the flow of organic traffic. According to the study, choosing the right domain name is critical to improving search engine optimization.

Use a keyword in the domain – this makes SEO promotion a little easier. However, do not overdo it – if you include more than three keywords in the site name, the search engines will consider this as spam.

Remember that search engines “favor” domains that are older than a year. At the same time, it is important to understand that if the subject changes dramatically on the site, then the domain history is reset to zero. Keep in mind that national domain zones are given priority when ranking sites in a certain territory.

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Examples of successful domains

  • present country

The domain name of the gift aggregator site developed by us speaks for itself: “Gift Country”.

As you can see, here the domain zone (.country) harmoniously merges in meaning with the site name (present). The domain is very easy to remember, despite the rarely used domain zone.


The .io domain zone was chosen for the landing page of the Bubbletone project, developed by us, not by chance. Historically, the domain zone of the British territories in the Indian Ocean fell in love with programmers and startups, perhaps due to the consonance with Input/Output. Given that Bubbletone is an innovative blockchain project, such associations were more than appropriate.


The name of this brand was created by one of the best international branding agencies. Please note that the .me domain zone is used – this is very logical for a private business club that puts privacy and confidentiality in the first place.

Domain Selection Tips

Brand name. An excellent choice if you want to increase company visibility. However, the brand name as a domain is appropriate for those whose name is already known in the market. If you are just starting out, another option may be better from an SEO standpoint.

Abbreviation or abbreviation. One of the simplest types of domain names. On the one hand, such a domain indicates the subject of the site, on the other hand, it is as simple as possible, it is easy to remember.

Keyword. For example, if you have a chain of restaurants, then the pirogi.som domain would be perfect, even if you bake more than just pies. The keyword in the domain is the best option in terms of SEO.


The future of the entire project largely depends on the choice of the address of your site. The closer a domain name is to a brand, the more value it carries not only for you, but also for your audience.